Acting as Sourcing Agent and Trade Business Consulting&Management

  1. Sourcing, to Identify and qualify the best Manufacturers/Suppliers in China, to can secure the source.
  2.  Auditing, Optimizing and Q.C.  to survey Manufacturers/Suppliers with economical, technical and credit ability/trade assurance view points, to select the best of them with price-quality considerations and help to build up needed quality standards also inspect all the way before start, during and on final production.
  3. Logistics, Always to provide cost-effective and highly efficient logistic arrangements and follow-up from A to Z with all means on air, ground or sea cargoes.
  4. Acting as after-sales service agent, to chase Chinese Manufacturers/Suppliers closely and as a local enterprise to bridge full coverage of their all services.
  5. Finance, to involve any kind of financial/payment services as broker/agent or witness to manage, assure also secure end to end of any set-upped trades.
  6. Act as general agent/distributor of many region Brands' products through our Hong Kong and China facilities, mainly for/from far and middle east countries.
  7. Help to travel to and Setup/Start your Business in China with best strategy for your purposes and business scopes.

Acting as Sourcing Agent for IT experts to outsource related services for them, individually or as groups or as company entities.

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